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For example, in the above roadmap you can see integrations seems to be a hefty organizational goal this year, whereas improvement-related projects don’t appear to be as prominent. Product Features Capture customer feedback, prioritize product ideas, and use roadmaps to communicate your strategy. Review and modify at least three internal operational processes to gain efficiency and reduce staff time with administrative work by June 2022. Collaborate with core business areas to identify top business processes with high error rates and initiate opportunities to minimize errors. Reestablish PeopleSoft Campus Solutions production support, resources, roadmap, and strategy over the next 5-10 years.

Together, collaborators agree on the most important steps to be more productive and successful. Uncover your risk factors.Identifying potential disruptions, limitations, or challenges to adopt new technology helps your team stay on track for successful implementation. IT roadmaps are about communicating how IT initiatives fulfill business goals instead of listing who owns what IT projects. Developing a technology roadmap is an essential exercise for stakeholders and project managers that are dependent upon technology for the success of their company. Some professionals opt to use a mix of organizational strategies, as it’s helpful to know when projects are due and what type of task it is. Whichever sections you choose to create, be sure your roadmap still includes the aforementioned components.

technology roadmap

A roadmap also makes it far easier for you to communicate your strategic plan and its details to the various constituents. You will need to earn buy-in and collaborate with these constituents throughout the development process. The more resources you have and the more complex your org gets, the harder it gets to ignore time. Stakeholders become concerned with ‘the when’ and how long they should be waiting, so a Timeline View provides clarity when it comes to your technology projects.

Your technology roadmap contains several critical factors and requirements. They are the necessary factors that give meaning and structure to your technology roadmap. You may have put together a technology roadmap at the beginning of the year — but have you updated it recently? That way, people can navigate to the details they need and locate the status of work-in-progress.

Before you begin drafting your roadmap, it’s important to know who’s going to be involved in the project. For example, if the audience of your technology roadmap is an IT team, you can use industry jargon when writing your roadmap, as these professionals understand that language. Status reports allow professionals working on the project to stay informed. Professionals often update this component of the technology roadmap as the project progresses. Status reports include important information about project deadlines, achievements and general announcements about the project. Because creating a technology roadmap requires significant planning, it also helps professionals consider the effects of their plan.


what is an IT roadmaps are a valuable tool for any business that relies on technological systems in their daily operations. Ultimately, its purpose is to align your key stakeholders by creating a clear course of action. Better prepare for the future by starting your own technology or IT roadmap now. Although you want to make sure that your technology or IT roadmap is thorough, including the key components discussed above, it should also be digestible. Minimize the amount of text on your initial view and color-code your tasks to make your technology roadmap understandable at a glance and provide clear explanations to best translate your strategy. For example, a logistics company onboarding new logistics software could have their delivery teams slowed down or even halted by a delayed onboarding process.

And now that we’ve covered most of the theory, let’s see how you can create your own tech roadmap. By defining the logical order of the tasks at hand, you create the project’s backbone. For those projects where you need to dive into the details, an item view is the option of choice. Utilise our Technology Roadmap to plan and strategize for a technology adoption plan across your organization. If members of your organization are wondering when a project will be finished, show them your roadmap – it will give them a bird’s eye view of deadlines and expectations.

IT goals should align with company goals

Yes, that means there can be overlap between your product and technology roadmaps , but that doesn’t mean every single one of your tech-related projects belongs on the product roadmap and vice-versa. Making technological changes can significantly affect a company’s daily operations and productivity. To maintain the optimum amount of productivity, it’s important to create an IT roadmap before changing the technology used by the company. Doing this ensures that the departments have enough time to understand the new technologies they want to implement. If an organization plans on replacing all the employees’ desktop computers, an IT roadmap may highlight any aspects of work that this change can affect.

4.8 trillion dollars by the year 2021, technology really needs to be at the heart of all modern businesses. And a technology roadmap essentially sets the stage for any of a company’s digital operations. In this meeting, you will want to determine which projects to work on in which order, estimate how long each project will take, and decide which team members will be responsible for each action item. Resources exhibit the time, capital, energy, and personnel needed to onboard new technologies and maintain existing technology systems. For example, IT teams must plan how to simultaneously roll out a new operating system while updating existing systems as needed. This cross-functionality creates a dependency between groups and teams and is aided by having a clear roadmap in place to maintain functionality.

Purpose of Technology Roadmap

Consistent support, secure services/data, reduced operating costs, and the ability of units to focus on their unique expertise and research. Researchers are aware of the full range of IT tools and services available from OTDI, WMC, local IT, and non-Ohio State providers with whom the university has a contract (e.g., AWS, Azure, OSC, GitHub). The university has a clear decision-making process and funding model for core research technology infrastructure investments, such as 10TB of storage for every researcher at no cost to the researcher. After finalizing the roadmap, the team can present it to the appropriate stakeholders for final approval.

  • Doing this helps reduce excess technological costs and frees up major capital for other much-needed technological advancements in preparing for technological transformation.
  • Because introducing roadmaps can add the necessary structure, logic, and precision to your planning process.
  • Your technology roadmap will be grossly inadequate if essential details are not included.
  • Bringing clarity to complex application infrastructures, an application roadmap is ideal for getting the best value from each application within your workflow.
  • Highlighting the technology initiatives, epics and features all set up in the engineering pipeline, the development roadmap communicates a dev team’s primary goals.
  • This practice helps to solidify your goals and motivate other professionals to work toward them.

Your audience for a technology roadmap will be stakeholders looking to the IT team for delivering internal-facing systems and solutions. The technology roadmap may also be shared with partners and vendors who rely on integrations and other technology from the organization. The first step toward creating an effective roadmap is to set your goals for the project. It’s important to understand what you may like your team to achieve with the technological changes is key. If your goal is to create a company-wide platform that streamlines coordination and communication, then it’s helpful to detail what effect you hope this change has.

Upon completion, the team must train and onboard employees to the adjustments. Security – Throughout the implementation process, managers must ensure data is secure by establishing a security plan. ProductPlan’s IT strategy roadmap is free for the duration of the trial period and is definitely worth a look. As part of a larger collaboration suite, the templates available on the website can be connected to other project management tools. The giant behind tools like Jira and Trello and the famous Agile knowledge base, Atlassian has a broad selection of roadmap templates to choose from. Here is what successful teams use to plan their work and track progress.

Why do you need a technology roadmap?

IfM Engage is part of the Institute for Manufacturing and our approach is built on University of Cambridge research. We keep abreast of the latest findings, integrating these into our toolkit to maintain our world-leading approach to roadmapping. Allow room for change, and employ flexible methods for achieving your business objectives. Market conditions fluctuate, business needs evolve, and your project may take a different trajectory a year from now. Project feasible deadlines and sensible resource allocation estimates.

technology roadmap

Since companies and managers use roadmaps to create effective strategies, it ensures quality communication within the organization. We will optimize this tool both by using it to its full capabilities and continuously improving the processes, training, and policy surrounding it to ensure that it is streamlined and efficient for users. Research is a critical piece of Ohio State’s mission and technology is essential to many aspects of research. Our goal is to accelerate time to insight and time to publication, decrease administrative hurdles, and enable researchers to easily access a suite of research tools by making technology easy and flexible.

It helps keep your team on track during the process.

Whatever the case, identifying holes in your infrastructure can highlight what needs to be addressed first. From there you can figure out how you can bring in technologies to alleviate these issues, which in turn will shape what you put on the roadmap first and second and third and so on. The answer to this question isn’t exactly mutually exclusive to who’s seeing your roadmap, but there is some differentiation. Chances are people who are invested in the ‘final’ roadmap will want a say in it.

A technology roadmap is a visual representation of a company’s plan for technological improvement. Teams use this management and planning tool to guide their work and ensure the achievement of the company’s goals. A technology roadmap is a visualization of an organization’s plans to implement technological growth within its various departments. Companies make use of this management and planning technique to create better strategies and ensure the company achieves its goals. IT professionals also use it for specific projects as it facilitates smooth technological advancements and developments for the company’s daily operations, resulting in higher efficiency.

Steps to Creating a Technology Roadmap

People are at the center of OTDI’s ability to drive transformational change that impacts the world. We commit to focusing our efforts on building a community of inclusive excellence that is rooted in our shared values and behaviors that empower all team members to do their best work. Market OTDI’s existing research-focused services and solutions to researchers. The university proactively drives storage/compute solutions for research teams working with regulated data requiring highly secured configurations. Develop an overarching Buckeye360 strategy to advance academic excellence and engage our stakeholders for access and success. Support the development for policy and process changes for stackable certificates and micro-credential development.

Your IT or technology roadmap won’t be useful to anyone if it’s based on unreasonable deadlines or leaves out major tasks within your processes. Be realistic about how much work is involved, how long projects will take, and how much you can afford monetarily to take on as you add projects into your roadmap. Given the potential complexity and organisational inertia surrounding the creation of roadmaps, researchers at the University of Cambridge focused on developing a fast-start approach to roadmapping. This approach, called T-Plan, was created in the late 1990s primarily to help organisations take the first step into roadmapping with minimal resource and time commitment. It has been influential in the propagation and uptake of roadmapping internationally including translations of the T-Plan workbook into Chinese (traditional & modern), German, Japanese and Spanish.

About the Technology Roadmap Template

If you aim to improve the release management process, for instance, work might be divided into separate initiatives for different phases of the release cycle. Displaying initiatives on a roadmap provides a link from the «why» to the «what» of the work. Once you’ve added each item to your technology roadmap, airfocus will set to work reviewing each one and assigning a score. It’s this data that will inform the layout of your roadmap once the platform has crunched all the numbers. Let’s assume you want to customize this technology roadmap template to make it a little more ‘you’.

Technology Roadmap Examples

In table 1 all the different sub-activities of the preliminary activity phase can be seen. These concepts are the actual meta-data model, which is an adjusted class diagram. If you have a COV account, visit the VITA Service Portal to check on the status of your service ticket, order catalog services or report an issue.

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